Poetry of Wasi Shah

Wasi Shah is a renowned young poet of Pakistan. In few years Wasi has contributed plenty in Urdu poetry and Ghazals. Wasi Shah’s poetry mainly focuses in love, romantic and sad Urdu poetry and has got a lot of Ghazals which brought him among the leading poets of Pakistan. “Kash Mein Tere Haseen Hath Ka Kangan Hota” is one of the most admired poetry by Wasi Shah. Wasi Shah has written countless poetry books, auch as Mere Ho Ke Raho and Malangni. Wasi Shah is considered to be the young Pakistani romantic poet. He also appeared in TV dramas. Aahan is a popular Pakistani TV Drama of the PTV network written by Wasi Shah. He also acted in this drama serial. Wasi Shah is also a good host/anchor, nowadays he appears on PTV as an anchor or Host.


 Wasi Shah is young pakistani romantic poet.


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